The Walking Dead: Merle Dixon Walker Statue

2015-01-09 @ 16:49:52
Bokade denna bad boy i onsdags! The Walking Dead (och zombie relaterat i övrigt) håller på ta över min merchandise samling så liksom varför inte speeda upp processen och skaffa lite statyer när dom väl släpps? Om jag räknat rätt med inch till cm kommer denna snygging mäta ca 41 cm.
I booked this bad boy Wednesday! The Walking Dead (or zombie related in general) is taking over my merchandise collection so why not speed things up and get my hands on some statues when they finally start being released? The hight of this handsome one will be around 16.25”.

Harry Potter // Sideshow Figures

2015-01-04 @ 20:06:29
Anyone else hear their bank accounts screams from the future or did mine overpower them all?

Vart ni hittar nördiga smycken i Sverige? Jag vet!

2014-12-04 @ 21:24:41
Får frågan flera gånger i veckan vart i Sverige det finns bra utbud på nördiga smycken. I min stad, that's where! Silverbullet har fått in ett ton snygga smycken ifrån olika fandoms och dom är även på väg upp på deras hemsida. Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings, Marvel, DC, Hunger Games, Star Trek, Zelda, Pirates of The Caribbean, Vampire Diaries...och mera! Ni kan även kolla in deras album på Facebook för att se det som ej hunnit upp på hemsidan :)
Själv har jag än så länge haffat 4 st var av en ring till samlingen, och mera kommer det bli! Tackar min lyckliga stjärna att Silver Crew har koll på mig och håller hårt i kopplet när jag håller på galopperar iväg därinne ;)


2014-12-02 @ 19:18:29
Fick världens finaste biker väst ifrån min finaste Wolf Twin i fredags! Asså jag är kär upp över öronen i denna!
I got this amazing biker vest from my Wolf Twin when she arrived on Friday! I am in love with it!

SF Convention Mini Photo Bomb

2014-12-01 @ 19:02:04

My Fangirl Confessions #1

2014-11-25 @ 19:59:50
  • I don't like Star Wars. I've watched them, all of them yes, but I never why it is so damn loved. But I have to admit that Darth Vader is fucking a along with Chewbacka and I do watch the movies with very (very) long spaces of time between just for him.
  • I don't like to read. I've never been much for it besides the Harry Potter books. And it's the same with comics since a few years back, I haven't opened (or owned) a comic for soooo many years now.
  • I couldn't watch horror movies until my later teen years. Everybody who knows me know that I am a huge horror lover, I go through times when I am obsessed over the genre. But what most people don't know that up until I was like 15-16 I got nightmares from movies like Gremlins! I was such a little scaredy cat.
  • I watched Beyblade. Yes the whole show. I loved it. Do not ask me why because I do not to this day know why but I just got hooked on that one. Remember I had the biggest crush on Kai haha!
  • I am super picky when it comes to anime. If I don't get hooked 2-3 episodes in I'm done. There are not that many I kept on watching. Few are Fruits Basket, Sailor Moon, Death Note, Bleach, Elfen Lied, Hellsing, Hellsing OVA....
  • I bought my PS3 last year so I could game The Last of Us. I saw like a tiny amount of gameplay over at YouTube, stopped the video and was "I have to game this or I will honestly die." only to notice it was for playstation only (!). So not that long after I bought myself a PS3 which was a pack that included this very game. And right now I want to buy myself a PS4 so I can game The Last of Us Remastered. Zombie obsessed much?
What are your Fangirl Confessions?

SciFiWorld Stockholm / Guests

2014-11-07 @ 21:44:43
Börjar dra ihop sig till mässa som jag drar iväg på den 29 november! Dock blir det cosplay löst för mig i år då jag inte haft tid till att fixa något. Så blev mindre stressigt att bara släppa det i år. Däremot en annan utveckling den helgen (som nog är den bästa) är att min Wolf Twin kommer hit ifrån Lidköping och ska med!
Jag åker inte till mässor i Sverige för gäster, då det är svårt för dom att få hit folk som klickar intresset i mina fangirl delar men är faktiskt en gäst i år som fick mig att ha ett omg-moment! Nämligen David Morrissey som spelar Govenour i The Walking Dead! Någon mer som ska dit?
It's starting to close in on November 29th when I'm going to the SFWorld Convention in Stockholm! I will not cosplay this yeard because I haven't had the time to do anything. So it was so much less stressful to just let it go for this year. On the other hand my Wolf Twin is coming here that weekend and is going to the convention with me!
I don't go to conventions in Sweden for the guests, since it's hard to get people who makes my fangirl parts click but there is one guest this year that made me have a omg-moment! David Morrissey who plays The Govenour in The Walking Dead. Anyone else going?

Marvel's "Avengers: Age of Ultron" - Teaser Trailer

2014-10-24 @ 11:52:00


2014-10-23 @ 08:24:19

Wednesday Wishlist // Pop!Wants

2014-10-22 @ 13:14:52
Pop! Wants
Pop! Wants by thehowlingwolfheart on Polyvore


2014-10-20 @ 18:52:27
Surfade runt på Ebay igår och sluta med att jag klickade hem denna tisha bland annat, med snygga Daryl Dixon. Älskar svart vitt print och LOVE vingarna på ryggen. Kände garderoben behöver lite utökning bland nördiga delen och TWD vann som vanligt hehe.
I browsed around Ebay yesterday and ended up clicking home this tee with the gorgeous Daryl Dixon. I love black & white prints and I LOVE LOVE the wings on the back. Felt like the nerdy part of my closet needed new members and TWD won as usual hehe.


2014-10-19 @ 19:32:59

Rick Grimes 10 Inch Deluxe Figure

2014-10-15 @ 11:40:10
En figur som jag måste ha wooo mama! Släpps av McFarlane Toys i december i Sverige och verkar bli lika fin i detaljerna som Daryl Dixon Deluxe 10 inch dom släppte för ca ett år sedan. Det är såna här grejer som gör mig knäsvag!
A figure I must get wooo mama! It's release by McFarlane Toys in December in Sweden and it seems to be just as nice and awesome with the details like the Daryl Dixon Deluxe 10 Inch they released about a year ago. These are the kind of stuff that makes my heart sing!

{ #BLOGTOBER14 } One Thing I Can't Live Without...

2014-10-03 @ 15:24:01
Helene in Between Blogtober
Since the title is "Thing" I'm going to focus on things but in general what I can't live without are people close to me along with pets (pets are people to me but still) but let's dig into that material part of life, shall we?
One thing I can't live without is; My Fandoms.
My fandoms like shows, movies, Harry Potter and so on has a mayor part in my life (which most of you know) but it makes me function better. And it's a life saver for me when I'm struggling more than usual with life due to depression and other things. My shows don't just give me happiness but they also give me structure in life, espically when a new season is airing I'm better at having a daily routine to stick to, it makes it easier to focus on things outside of it as well. And lets not forget all the amazing people I have met through a shared fandom. I wish I could collect them all under one roof and line them up to hug them forever and ever for all the support they've given me through out the years. Fangirl and Proud!


2014-09-30 @ 08:12:03

WolfHeart Shop // Nya Halsband (Doctor Who m.m)

2014-09-28 @ 13:28:05
9 nya halsband i tema Doctor Who, Batman, American Horror Story, Walking Dead m.m! Klicka här eller på bilden.

Webhallen Order // TWD & FREDDY

2014-09-25 @ 19:56:00
Låg i migrän hela dagen igår (fy fan säger jag bara) så idag när lönen kom tröstade jag mig med en beställning på Webhallen. Självklart erövrade The Walking Dead kundvagnen as usual men klickade även hem en ny Pop! i form av älskade Freddy Krueger!
I laid down in a migraine all day yesterday (fucking hell bleh) so today since it's payday and I felt sorry for myslef I placed an order over at Webhallen. Of course The Walking Dead conquered the shopping cart as usual but I also clicked home a new Pop! in the form of my babe Freddy Krueger!


2014-09-23 @ 17:48:02
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2014-09-22 @ 18:20:00
Min Castiel Pop! har kommit hem och nu har jag sötaste Team Free Will ever i mitt vitrinskåp! Lilla Cas, Dean och Sam. Känns som jag nästan borde ta mig i kragen snart och finna tid till den där lovade videon runt samlingen till er...
So my Castiel Pop! made it home and now I have the most precious little Team Free Will in my glass cabinet! With little Cas, Dean and Sam. Feels like I should get ahold of my self and find time to make that promised video with a peek into my collection soon...

WolfHeart Shop // Nya Prints

2014-09-21 @ 18:34:49
Fyra nya prints hos WolfHeart Shop!

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