My Fangirl Confessions #1

  • I don't like Star Wars. I've watched them, all of them yes, but I never why it is so damn loved. But I have to admit that Darth Vader is fucking a along with Chewbacka and I do watch the movies with very (very) long spaces of time between just for him.
  • I don't like to read. I've never been much for it besides the Harry Potter books. And it's the same with comics since a few years back, I haven't opened (or owned) a comic for soooo many years now.
  • I couldn't watch horror movies until my later teen years. Everybody who knows me know that I am a huge horror lover, I go through times when I am obsessed over the genre. But what most people don't know that up until I was like 15-16 I got nightmares from movies like Gremlins! I was such a little scaredy cat.
  • I watched Beyblade. Yes the whole show. I loved it. Do not ask me why because I do not to this day know why but I just got hooked on that one. Remember I had the biggest crush on Kai haha!
  • I am super picky when it comes to anime. If I don't get hooked 2-3 episodes in I'm done. There are not that many I kept on watching. Few are Fruits Basket, Sailor Moon, Death Note, Bleach, Elfen Lied, Hellsing, Hellsing OVA....
  • I bought my PS3 last year so I could game The Last of Us. I saw like a tiny amount of gameplay over at YouTube, stopped the video and was "I have to game this or I will honestly die." only to notice it was for playstation only (!). So not that long after I bought myself a PS3 which was a pack that included this very game. And right now I want to buy myself a PS4 so I can game The Last of Us Remastered. Zombie obsessed much?
What are your Fangirl Confessions?

Postat av: Bunny

Jag får fortfarande mardrömmar av Gremlings.....

Svar: Jag måste erkänna jag finner slutet av första när han smälter obehaglig än xD

2014-11-26 @ 10:28:59

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