{ #BLOGTOBER14 } Best/Worst Vacation...

2014-10-08 @ 12:31:25
Better late than never right? Will have todays prompt up later tonight! :)
Best Vacation
 England, May 2007. I went there with Mr Wookie to attend Collectormania in Milton Keynes and meet James Marsters, who is my biggest everything when it comes to acting and music. I mean yeah walking the streets of London (where we stayed) was awesome along with visiting King Cross Station and so on (harry potter for life) but hugging that man, can not describe how much it gave me in life and still is giving me.
"Worst" Vacation (which was awesome beside one small thing!)
I've been thinking hard, like seriously hard, but I can not seem to remember a vaction that was bad in any way...Suppose I'll have to pick when I went to Finland with my mom few years ago. The trip itself was awesome and I had a great time shopping with my mom in Helsinki! But the first night I got a small food poisong which was less fun. So suppose that night of that vacation will have to due as "wrost vacation".
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{ #BLOGTOBER14 } 10 Things I'd Tell Myself When I Started Blogging...

2014-10-06 @ 21:56:16
If I had my blog as a job or part time job I would probably have loads to say about this. But I blog because I think it's fun, also great if you need a good rant even if you don't post 99% of those posts lol. I go with my thing and write what I want to write about, when I want to write it. But a few things popping up are these:
  1. It takes time. Blogging takes more time than most think, it's not just writing a post but much more.
  2. Blog for you! Doesn't matter if it's a personal blog or a themed blog. Write what you want to write and keep it fun.
  3. Don't feel guilty. Everyone face those times when the blogging just doesn't happen. You have no idea/motivations and the blog dies a bit or completly. It's okay!
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{ #BLOGTOBER14 } My Fall Bucket List...

2014-10-05 @ 19:54:28
Helene in Between Blogtober
I've found that when I make a bucket list that just writing down what comes to mind works best for me
or I will spend hours writing/deleting ending up making none so here we go...
  • Decorate for Halloween.
  • Have loads of Horror movie marathons.
  • Drink lots of tea.
  • Photo Walks.
  • Make Halloween cards for people.
  • Find a sencted candle that doesn't give me a migraine.
  • Find & Buy a pair of (at least knee high) black boots.
  • Watch movies from this post.
  • Buy a new pair of slippers.

{ #BLOGTOBER14 } Favorite Photo I Posted On Instagram

2014-10-04 @ 20:23:19
Helene in Between Blogtober
Favorite PHOTO and not PHOTOS...okay give me a minute and I'll have to go and have a look...
*500 years later*
After a lot of frustration after having to pick one out of sooo many photos I chose this one. Not the best quality (everyone goes, what quality?!) but it's of me and my baby bun Oliver. This little bunny seem small to the world but he means the world to me. For most he is "just" a bunny but to me he is my best friend and baby boy, I love him with all of my heart. He's been in life for almost 4 years now which is insane because it don't seem that long ago since I picked up that little fluffy ball of fur he once was.

{ #BLOGTOBER14 } One Thing I Can't Live Without...

2014-10-03 @ 15:24:01
Helene in Between Blogtober
Since the title is "Thing" I'm going to focus on things but in general what I can't live without are people close to me along with pets (pets are people to me but still) but let's dig into that material part of life, shall we?
One thing I can't live without is; My Fandoms.
My fandoms like shows, movies, Harry Potter and so on has a mayor part in my life (which most of you know) but it makes me function better. And it's a life saver for me when I'm struggling more than usual with life due to depression and other things. My shows don't just give me happiness but they also give me structure in life, espically when a new season is airing I'm better at having a daily routine to stick to, it makes it easier to focus on things outside of it as well. And lets not forget all the amazing people I have met through a shared fandom. I wish I could collect them all under one roof and line them up to hug them forever and ever for all the support they've given me through out the years. Fangirl and Proud!

{ #BLOGTOBER14 } Dream Job When I Was Little/What Is It Now...

2014-10-02 @ 17:37:06
Helene in Between Blogtober
Wow okay let's see...
Dream Job When I Was Little
I've always loved animals, even when I was little. So when I was little I wanted to work with animals. First as a vet, then at a zoo and then when I got older it was more on the focus on large cats, like tigers, lions and so on. My biggest dream job was to work on saving tigers. Study them and such in the natural habitat, run organization in order to save their place in this world. Part of me still wants to work with animals. Always will.
What I Do Now
Now I work at a company that mainly import/design jewelry and accessories for children that we sell to other shops (can't for the life of me remember what it's called in English). I'm head of the officee in my town, the main office being in Stockholm, and I do pretty much everything. I photograph products, put it up on our webpages, I edit/design stuff...Invoices, orders...What is needed to be done I do. I love what I do very much. My boss is one of my closest friends and we make a great team. I'm as close to my dream I can get without being there yet even if it's the wrong category in the area. To me it's a little funny because before this job I was very against getting an office job lol.
Part of the job is also a seperate company for my boss product she inveted, the zipholder. So when a huge order come in in that area it's all about making those little things hehe.
Wasn't sure if it was what what my dream is now or what I do now but I suppose it's up to each one! I decided to go with what I do now because it's fun how different things sometime turn out.

{ #BLOGTOBER14 } If I Won The Lottery...

2014-10-02 @ 11:55:02
Helene in Between Blogtober
Oh my! So many thing popping up at the same time but lets calm my brain down and think...
  1. I would put away a large amount to save. Yes that is me, I love spending money but I love to save as well because you never know what will happen in life when it is needed.
  2. I would travel like a motherf*cker. Normally to get money to travel you have to work and work takes away many hours of your life, hours you also need to travel...So it doesn't always really match up. There for I would take the chance to travel!
  3. Attend conventions, like SDCC along with a few in England. Suppose this goes along with nr 2, but it deserves it's own number.
  4. I would start up my own company with my jewelry and prints. Make it at least 50% of my work hours and cut down on my other job to be honest. I love my day job right now don't get me wrong, but that other part I do as a hobby is like my mayor dream.
  5. Buy an apartment. Where I rent now is good but in the long run it is better/safer/cheaper to own your own apartment. Also it's more fun on the decoration part because you can do more without the strict rules and also it's easier/cheaper to get that fixed.
  6. Buy all the merchandise. I'm talking about those big collection pieces that cost a shit load of money. I would be the best friend of companies like Sideshow!


2014-10-02 @ 09:40:00
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Den här skulle ha åkt upp igår med första inlägget lite senare. Men jag var däckad i mensvärk. Har inte så jävla ont idag som igår så better late than never ;) Inlägg 1 + 2 kommer upp senare under dagen. #Blogtober14 lets go!
I was suppose to get this up along with the first post yesterday. But I was down in cramps from hell. I'm not in that much pain today so better late than never ;) I will post 1+2 later during the day! #Blogtober14 lets go!

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