{ #BLOGTOBER14 } Best/Worst Vacation...

Better late than never right? Will have todays prompt up later tonight! :)
Best Vacation
 England, May 2007. I went there with Mr Wookie to attend Collectormania in Milton Keynes and meet James Marsters, who is my biggest everything when it comes to acting and music. I mean yeah walking the streets of London (where we stayed) was awesome along with visiting King Cross Station and so on (harry potter for life) but hugging that man, can not describe how much it gave me in life and still is giving me.
"Worst" Vacation (which was awesome beside one small thing!)
I've been thinking hard, like seriously hard, but I can not seem to remember a vaction that was bad in any way...Suppose I'll have to pick when I went to Finland with my mom few years ago. The trip itself was awesome and I had a great time shopping with my mom in Helsinki! But the first night I got a small food poisong which was less fun. So suppose that night of that vacation will have to due as "wrost vacation".
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