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Helene in Between Blogtober
Wow okay let's see...
Dream Job When I Was Little
I've always loved animals, even when I was little. So when I was little I wanted to work with animals. First as a vet, then at a zoo and then when I got older it was more on the focus on large cats, like tigers, lions and so on. My biggest dream job was to work on saving tigers. Study them and such in the natural habitat, run organization in order to save their place in this world. Part of me still wants to work with animals. Always will.
What I Do Now
Now I work at a company that mainly import/design jewelry and accessories for children that we sell to other shops (can't for the life of me remember what it's called in English). I'm head of the officee in my town, the main office being in Stockholm, and I do pretty much everything. I photograph products, put it up on our webpages, I edit/design stuff...Invoices, orders...What is needed to be done I do. I love what I do very much. My boss is one of my closest friends and we make a great team. I'm as close to my dream I can get without being there yet even if it's the wrong category in the area. To me it's a little funny because before this job I was very against getting an office job lol.
Part of the job is also a seperate company for my boss product she inveted, the zipholder. So when a huge order come in in that area it's all about making those little things hehe.
Wasn't sure if it was what what my dream is now or what I do now but I suppose it's up to each one! I decided to go with what I do now because it's fun how different things sometime turn out.


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