{ #BLOGTOBER14 } If I Won The Lottery...

Helene in Between Blogtober
Oh my! So many thing popping up at the same time but lets calm my brain down and think...
  1. I would put away a large amount to save. Yes that is me, I love spending money but I love to save as well because you never know what will happen in life when it is needed.
  2. I would travel like a motherf*cker. Normally to get money to travel you have to work and work takes away many hours of your life, hours you also need to travel...So it doesn't always really match up. There for I would take the chance to travel!
  3. Attend conventions, like SDCC along with a few in England. Suppose this goes along with nr 2, but it deserves it's own number.
  4. I would start up my own company with my jewelry and prints. Make it at least 50% of my work hours and cut down on my other job to be honest. I love my day job right now don't get me wrong, but that other part I do as a hobby is like my mayor dream.
  5. Buy an apartment. Where I rent now is good but in the long run it is better/safer/cheaper to own your own apartment. Also it's more fun on the decoration part because you can do more without the strict rules and also it's easier/cheaper to get that fixed.
  6. Buy all the merchandise. I'm talking about those big collection pieces that cost a shit load of money. I would be the best friend of companies like Sideshow!


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